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About Us

Why We're In Business

We find these facts startling. We've made it our mission to make things better.

Software developers spend 80% of their time identifying or correcting defects.

-- U.S. Department of Commerce

Only 16% of software projects are completed on time and on budget

-- Defense Science Board Task Force on Defense Software

One of the main challenges for the remainder of this decade is the inefficiency of application development

-- Forbes

75% of all technology spending is maintenance and support

-- Evergreen Systems

Software developers spend 80% of development costs identifying and correcting defects

-- U.S. Department of Commerce

Every 1% drop in customer satisfaction yields a 2.5% drop in revenue

-- IBM Rochester Study of Customer Impact on Revenue

A Letter From Our CEO...

Analyn Walchak


My journey to where I am today is a varied one, but I've learned and built skill upon skill to where I am passionate about improving IT and business operations. I see the successes and failures of firms large and small as principally a matter of processes. Good and bad decisions, delivering on time or late, providing the customers what they want at a reasonable price – these are all driven by internal business processes and their (great or not so great) execution.

In the business world, I started out in the group health insurance industry analyzing medical claim experience and using health care data to draw conclusions about health plan usage. Using data to solve problems, plus my affinity for detail, identifying patterns, and finding discrepancies drew me more and more toward IT.

When Prudential left the region, my business knowledge of health care data led me to work for a health care software startup that eventually became Ingenix, part of UnitedHealth. After that, at MDIAchieve, a company that created software for the long-term care industry, I learned the value of involving Quality Assurance analysts early on in the software design process and preventing defects early on.

I knew that improving IT and business processes was a way that I could make a difference. Excited to learn more, I became a consultant and had the opportunity to learn about different technology and processes as I moved from project to project in different organizations.

Fast-forward to the present. I'd like to introduce my company, OptimizePPT. We are a Twin-Cities based national consulting firm specializing in improving IT and business operations, managing projects, and improving processes across varied industries. First we learn about your current situation. Then we draw upon best practices and lessons learned, and customize them for your organization in collaboration with your team.

Clients find that we're nimble and responsive – we ask, we listen, we collaborate, we plan, we take action, we achieve results. We have working leadership – we understand and experience the real problems that organizations face. In the words of one client, "they're real."

Let's have a conversation about how we can help you optimize your people, process and technology. We will help your team to perform at their best.

Analyn Walchak, CEO


Our Philosophy

Growth and Profitability In Three Stages

  • 1. Catch Problems

    Get the fundamentals right. A product, service or application has to do what it's supposed to.

    2. Prevent Problems

    Anticipate and prevent problems to delight customers, which builds reputation and market share.

    3. Streamline

    Once a company has a good product, service or application, and a good reputation, optimize productivity and go like hell.